Basement Drainage


Real Testimonials

Alan Nappi and AmericanDry Basement Systems were a blessing that came into my life and into my home at just the right time. I would recommend American Dry Basement Systems to anyone having a water problem in their basement. Their system has worked amazingly and was well worth the money I spent.

– John D. May 25th., 2015 from YELP


We were very pleased with the professionalism of your staff and the efficiency of your company. When my husband had thought that perhaps the supercrete was only placed on the floors your staff returned and satisfied his mind without hesitation.

-Vince & Kathlyn L. DeRentiis Yonkers, NY

Paul Silva answered all of our questions and there was constant communication between use from beginning to end. We did not feel like we had to watch over this crew at any time. We felt totally comfortable with them. They didn’t make a complete mess of things, in fact, they did their job and broom swept everything!

-Lisa and Simon HopkinsNorth Salem, NY

Our SuperDry System accomplishes 5 essentials in order to repair cracks and waterproof your basement:

1. Once installed establishes a very significant amount of drainage. This drainage manages water coming in through and under the wall also underneath the floor.

2. It drops the water table on the outside of your basement walls and manages it at a level at or below what’s called the hydrostatic point. The water level build up on the outside of your basement walls in your backfill area needs to be managed (keeping the water level low) in order to eliminate lateral water pressure from building up potentially damaging your walls. Keeping it from pushing against your basement walls.

3. Hydrostatic pressure is completely eliminated (this is the water that fills up underneath your floor and pushes on your floor forcing its way through the cold joints of your foundation up onto the basement floor). Our combination of corrugated perforated pipe and stone properly pitched and placed next to the footing keeps a minimum of 10 to 12 inches of soil directly below the concrete floor completely dry. You won’t have a dry basement unless the soil under the floor is dry.

4. The installation of the SuperDry keeps the structural integrity of the foundation intact during the entire installation. Our proprietary products superslurry and SuperCrete repair and rejuvenate, waterproof and significantly strengthen concrete walls to a like new condition. It enables us a seamless reconstruction of the concrete floor to its original condition and thickness. Click on the superslurry and SuperCrete links on our products to find out how.

5. Our SuperDry system is maintenance free. Because of our use of state-of-the-art proprietary products (developed and solely used by AmericanDry), materials and an attention to detail that is 2nd to none our system not only strengthens your foundation but is perpetually self-cleaning. It is common with other systems to have costly maintenance charges 2 times a year every year. It Adds Up. Not with American dry. We confidently extend a warranty which states as long as you own your home your basement will be dry and if you ever sell your home this warranty is fully transferable to the next owner at no cost for as long as they own the home.