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ADBS was recently contracted to correct our wet basement problem. The crew that arrived, led by Paul Silva, was exemplary to say the least. Mr. Silva was very meticulous with his work, took the time to answer all my questions in an informative and courteous manner and kept his crew working till each day’s work was completed.
-Peter and Margaret NemcheckStratford, CT

Since the day of installation, we have had a few storms and there has not been a drop of water in my basement. It’s amazing since I used to get water that flooded 2-3 inches in one care. Even the musty smell was gone within a week!

-Vanessa and Freddie Velez East Haven, CT

Paul Silva answered all of our questions and there was constant communication between use from beginning to end. We did not feel like we had to watch over this crew at any time. We felt totally comfortable with them. They didn’t make a complete mess of things, in fact, they did their job and broom swept everything!

-Lisa and Simon HopkinsNorth Salem, NY

Sump Pump

The installation of a sump pump(s) should be straightforward and usually is if the proper guidelines and fundamentals of the installation of a sump pump station are adhered to. The key to a successful, effective sump pump station is the waterproofers ability to understand that the amount of pumping power needs to be matched up with the size of the water problem. Match The Pump To The Basket And The Problem! This is often overlooked and is very effectively explained in this video. It will make perfect sense I promise, take a look.

When one owns a home foundation crack repair has to be a top priority. No matter how old a house is it is always susceptible to cracks in the floors, wall and foundation of the house. Cracks in your home can be caused by factors such as the foundation settling and water pressure on the house. Ignoring this problem can lead to much worse problems later on. Neglected it long enough could cause the structural integrity of any house to become compromised. Cracks in the foundation can also lead to unwanted bugs coming and dirt being tracked into your home. Foundation cracks can also allow moisture and pollutants which can lead to mold contamination.

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