How do I generate enough interest for you to call American dry basement systems for your FREE basement inspection?

I am 100% sure that if you understood how we fix basements you would call us to fix yours!

I know that you would call because I guarantee the most thorough basement inspection that also includes a full explanation of the exact type of foundation you have And how it was built.

Each different type of foundation requires an entirely different waterproofing approach.

Our inspectors will show you the fully customized and comprehensive Super Dry System solution to your basement water problem.
Our solution will:

•  Give you the driest basement in town.
•  Eliminate any further damage from water infiltration.
•  Guarantee no future wall cracks or floor cracks.
•  Achieving  the level of dryness  necessary to confidently finish your basement (Like a Palace).
•  Give you twice the job with double the results.
•  Resolve any and all mold issues small or large.
•  Guarantee you the best value.
•  Give you the most effective basement waterproofing system money can buy and while fitting perfectly into your Budget.

I guarantee twice the results twice the value for your dollar and a money back guarantee that nobody in the basement waterproofing industry can even come close to.

SuperDry super strong Super value oh yes and our system is called “The Super Dry System”.

Have I gotten any interest yet?
Well I’ll go one step further “ if you don’t feel that we are by far the best basement inspection with the most complete and comprehensive solution to your exact problem with a hands-down, heads and shoulders best value for your waterproofing dollars then we will give you $250 towards the installation of any comparable system from any company.

Call us. We can’t be this confident that were  so much better than everybody else unless we are.

Your foundation is important to you we make it important to us.
We will fix your basement the right way and make sure that your budget survives in the process.

Water building up around your foundation causes pressure that cracks floors cracks walls and allows seepage to penetrate into your basement.  We guarantee that water pressure will no longer Be able to build up around your foundation and be able to crack your floor or walls or American dry will fix any and all cracking walls and floor for free.

We do it right and  pride ourselves at being the best at doing it right every step of the way your satisfaction is our passion.

Nobody warranties walls or floors from cracking!
I do, my SuperDry system is so effective I can guarantee that you will never get any cracks in your floor or your walls or  I will fix them all for free.

Do you have maintenance?
No I don’t and I guarantee you’ll never ever under any circumstance spend one penny on maintenance for your waterproofing system that’s installed by American dry basement systems.

How dry is dry?
If you’re not confident that our Super Dry  System will make your basement 2 times dryer than any other company you can find then I will give you $250 towards the installation of that companies system.

Once you see how we do it you won’t settle for anyone else!
Call us and see what a great basement inspection is all about!
Once you see us it’s all over but figuring out your budget and we are extremely budget friendly!

So why not get the best possible basement foundation waterproofing system at a Supervalue that will fit into your budget?

I’m not only going to show you the best system possible for your particular type of foundation but  I’m also going to show you everybody else’s system how they work what they cost.


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