Okay I like doing it here some guys put it out here I like doing it here that way I’m sure that it’s getting sealed she’s going to run that all around make sure it’s nice and clean before you do this so it sticks well I’m going to go ahead and put that on one other quick note what I also like to do the two cords coming up from the pump and the one from the float I like to just throw a zip tie on to the pipe to make sure they don’t sag and fall and interfere with the operations of float so that is loosely you know bring them up and then just cinch this thing pretty tight so it holds it there and then we’ll bring those up through the lid alright so as you can see I went ahead and got the gasket installed all along the inner lip of the tank it’s on there real well.

If you’re going to be replacing your pump it might be a good idea to scrape the old gasket off and just get yourself a new package of gasket material from Home Depot or Lowe’s they sell it in the hardware aisles just standard weather stripping with the self pack adhesive and seal that up real good this is the only thing besides from the lid that prevents sewer gases from escaping out of this base and into your house on the lid you’re going to be installing these gaskets and these also prevent like I said the gases from escaping alright so I’ll show you how to install these next I’m going to head it go ahead and get the lid put on the tank and I’ll be right back.

When you see flooding due to melting snow.