Stay Ahead of a Wet Basement in Bad Weather

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Your home is vulnerable to bad weather, and it can result in a wet basement. Snow, ice, and rain can wreak havoc, causing severe damage. Some of us are lucky enough to breathe a sigh of relief when nothing happens at all. Luck does run out unless you are proactive.

Measures to Prevent a Wet Basement

  • Remove tall, old trees that are close to the house.
  • Make sure the roof is inspected and repaired once a year.
  • Install an exterior switch panel for an emergency backup generator.
  • Inspect and repair gutters annually.
  • Check for interior drafts or leaks through doors and windows.

Many of these measures will protect you from physical damage to your home (caused by falling tree limbs), cold winters, leaky water damage from the roofline or missing shingles, or even power outages caused by an ice storm taking down trees and power lines. This list is incomplete.

You are still very vulnerable because you are missing a key measure you only have to do once in your lifetime to guarantee a safe and happy home.

There is water on your basement floor. It is coming in more than ever before. Don’t wait to waterproof your basement. Run. It is time to improve your entire home in one fell swoop, and here’s why:

Hurricanes, supercells, super soakers, flooding, ice storms, and melting snow; all have one thing in common. Water!

Water will find you by exploiting every vulnerable spot in your foundation. When the backfill area (surrounds every home) is moist and full of groundwater, cracks in your foundation will begin to leak water into your basement or crawl space. The dense soil around the backfill soil slowly absorbs groundwater, and it could take days after a big storm to go away.

Your home is sitting in a pond of dense mud percolating water after a severe storm. In ten years, any ‘new’ home becomes vulnerable to groundwater. Exterior waterproofing protection has been worn away by the natural erosion of underground exposure.

You can consider exterior basement waterproofing your home, but there are several disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Exterior excavation requires a long prep process with the town zoning dept.
  • Disturbing the soil around your home softens it. Water will most likely stay there.
  • House requires new landscaping around the entire house.
  • Five to ten years later, underground erosion will make your basement vulnerable to water leaks again.
  • No consideration of slab cracks (basement floor) sitting on the foundation.
  • Very costly and time-consuming procedure.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Interior Basement Waterproofing?

  • Yes. If it is an inferior product and installed wrong.
  • Must find and hire only experienced experts with a proven interior basement waterproofing system that works.
  • Flimsy, gimmicky systems never work correctly. They require an inordinate amount of maintenance, such as annual flushing of the drains, which costs money.
  • One thing you can’t avoid is sump pump maintenance. Anything with moving parts will break if not properly maintained. Consider a simple maintenance plan. Easy for DIYs.

Advantages of Interior Basement Waterproofing with American Dry

  • Very competitive pricing.
  • The homeowner gets the best combination of high quality and low price.
  • Most installations are completed in 1 to 2 days.
  • Lifetime guarantee on entire drainage system installation.
  • Sump pump parts and installation are guaranteed for 3 years.
  • Improve the strength of the walls and floor.
  • Decrease house shifting of windows, doors, and roofline.
  • No exterior excavation to compromise the packed backfill around the house.
  • No landscape damage. No costly repair after excavation.
  • Free complete inspection with summary and quote in person.
  • Dust-Controlled work environment.
  • We have been licensed and insured for over 25 years.

You have over 75 waterproofing companies in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Our company will undoubtedly promise to keep your house drip-dry for a lifetime. We’ve been here for over 25 years with over 50 thousand satisfied customers. We are no fly-by-night operation. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Give us a call, get a free inspection, get a great price, and protect your house from structural damage and bad weather. The best part is that you will have a dry basement you can live in and use along with the rest of your home.

Schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and quote at no cost.