I mean a good bit of water and then it floods out into the basement so what’s causing that

that’s pretty common you see this is a precast hatchway steps when it gets bolted to the foundation and when they try to backfill

it’s very difficult to backfill under there so it leaves a lot of voids so when it rains hard all the water goes down underneath and fills up behind these steps and pushes the water in at this joint and even on the sides the only way it’s almost like a funnel right

A few days later the waterproofing expert shows up and goes to work step one is to jackhammer a narrow trench around the perimeter of the basement next to the wall

the crew also begins cutting a hole in the floor to provide a pit for the new sump that will collect all the water channel to it by the perimeter drain as fast as it’s made

the debris is hauled out of the basement, one container at a time, now remember the discoloration and staining on the walls.

well it’s unsightly and evidence that some water is entering through the concrete.

the solution here is to put up polyethylene panels basement systems, calls these bright wall panels, they’re attached by drilling quarter inch holes with a carbide masonry bit.

Then pushing in ribbed plastic fasteners.

See here how you can control basement seepage.