you know whenever it rains I cringe not because I’m worried about getting struck by lightning, the chances of that are infinitesimal but the odds are pretty good probably 50/50 that my basement is going to flood.

In fact when it storms it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll be pulling this out and doing some pumping, in fact during one particularly nasty storm not too long ago my basement looked more like a wading pool.

I pumped, I swept, I watched as the water kept coming in and I vowed that this was one scene I didn’t want repeated so I began checking the internet for companies that offered state-of-the-art dry basement solutions.

I settled on one called basement systems and in a few days the founder himself arrived at the house.

The problem right here I notice that when we get heavy rains outside this is where the leaking seems to start right here in this corner, also over here in that sump.

Just this last year I had so much water that was actually coming up out of a sump and flooding the basement here

What’s going on here and why is it coming here.

Because that’s my question.

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