I’m going to start our plumbing both the top of our pump the next piece you’re going to me installing is your check valve all right which is right here alright this is just a standard check valve I sell this at Home Depot with the pumps down the plumbing I’ll what this does just it’s a gasket fitting with clamps that just slides right down over the top of this tight and you cinch these two clamps down and then the top of this you know what did you get this attached this is where your plumbing continues what we’re going to install on top of this is a ball valve as you can see here and what this will allow you to do is that if you ever have to get into here again to change the pump out what the check valve is essentially doing with some.

Sure a lot of you guys know it stops the waste once the pump kicks on the pump is going to pump all the waste up and into the sewage main what this does is a flapper in here the flapper closes and prevents all that waste water from draining back down into the tank all right so when you go to swap this out someday this serves as a disconnect point to get the pump out when you go to disconnect this especially when you take the top of these take the top pipe off there’s going to be old waste water in there and it’s going to just flow in big big mess down here anything in the pipe is going to drain right out what this will do is you put this here you can shut this off and you can shut all the waste off above the check valve it’s just a good idea to put in it’s actually code in a lot of areas but you know ten bucks.

What about a frozen discharge line.

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