Today I’m going to show you guys how to hook up a sewage ejector pump here’s the pump right here this happens to be a
new installation I’m going to be doing down here my basement bathroom but to an existing installation we have to replace
the pump it’s essentially the same process so just follow the steps and you can easily do this yourself and save
yourself some money and not have to hire a professional okay so let’s get started here this is obviously the the basin and
the ground if you’re dealing with an existing installation where you want to change your pump out the pump went bad
you’re also going to see at this point two pieces of pipe coming in and out of these holes one’s events ones the
actual discharge from the pump all right if there is no means to disconnect this right around here with a clamp and
a check valve.

What you’re going to have to go ahead and do is just cut these two sections of pipe it’s not a big deal you can couple them all back together later on and what that allow you to do is and you could take out the bolts hold on the cover down and you can pull the cover off like I said mine’s a new install also buttons hooked up yet once you’re looking down in here I believe this is a 30 inch deep pit there’s obviously the inlet Inlet pipe from underneath the slab and we’re going to go ahead and do is when we stole the pump down in here we’re going to pipe the pump up and I’m going to show you how to do that now.

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