Alright as you can see I went ahead and got the lid installed on the tank I didn’t screw it down yet it’s just laying on there because we got to do our next step here now which is install the grommets around the cords and the pipes all right here’s the electrical cord grommets got two holes it’s split on each end so you can slip the cords through it’s a little tricky to get on here sometimes it’s got to work the cord through it’ll eventually go through there same thing for the other side okay once you get them both on there slide it down pull the chords up fairly tight you don’t want a lot of slack down in the tank and just pop it down the grommets groups it will slip into the around the hole on the lid here’s one of the donut gaskets for the pipe got it all you do with this is it slides right down the top of the pipe again it’s grooved so when you slip it down push it in nice and tight onto the lid and that’s it we’ve got to do the same thing for this hole with the vent pipe.

I’ll do that in a go get up to that point we’re going to do now is we’ll put the bolts onto the lid I’ll secure at that alright next step we’re going to secure the lid down to the base here’s the hardware pack to give you for this got four bolts and four washers four holes in the lid there they thread down into these threaded slots in the actual basin before you do that you want to get yourself some anti-seize lubricant and just coat the bolts where you put them in there this will prevent them from rusting and getting stuck on the top of this I’ve change a bunch of pumps in the past where these things get rusted and corroded stuck in there you go ahead and start threading them out they break they strip and then then you have a bigger problem so put some of this on there and this will prevent that from ever happening alright so I’m going to go ahead and get this secured and we’ll be ready to move on to the plumbing up top here now guys get the the lid bolted down next step here.

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