We’re going to repair a grout line and crack step crack going to show you how to repair that that’s caused by moisture and the soil changing it’s not causing any damage inside the house so it’s just a normal step crack so we’re going to grind that out fix it tools you’re going to need eat a bucket sponge safety glasses chisel it’s a two or three quarter inch chisel nice metal ones for the putty the support you need quikrete permanently sealed and waterproof textured tuck for tuck point it has this a top point on it it’s gray it’s to fill in the grout lines you can need yourself a tool like this or a piece of hose if you just run us along the grout line to it when you were done when it’s done setting and sledgehammer for chisel small one need yourself a grinder.

This is the most important piece is the masonary grinder wheel this is for 1/2 inch by 1/8 just your typical metal grinder I got this on sale for 30 bucks and again yeah some type of air compressed air or I’m just going to use my ah blower to clean out the the dust once I’m done grinding in a shovel to move the dirt around the area so we’re going to do is we’re going to prep the area we’re going to remove some of the dirt around the blocks and going to start grinding though okay so now we’re going to do is you want to take a shovel you want to dig down to where the footer is and you see the crack on the footer now I’m going to fill that today it’s a step crack and it runs all the way up the brick like that so I’m going to grind all that grille out all the bottom there I’m going to seal it anything below the soil line I’m going to seal with hydraulic cement and then I’m going to go underneath the foundation of the house and use a crack injection method to fill that part and I’m going to use just normal tuckpointing Kok and then to fix the step now this say next year it gets this crack gets bigger.

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