Now that I’ve talked with the quikrete in there just like that I’m gonna let it sit for about five ten minutes and then I’m going to run this tool over it like that and down and it’s going to make it look like this right here and then down there you see there’s still a crack I’m going to fill that with the hydraulic cement I got a picks up a batch then you go just stuff it in the hole I already chiseled that out and we’ve just evolved with hydraulics and then you got a chisel the crack on an angle like this and I’m like this so some angles in and expands and there’s not a lot of wire that gets near this foundation because I have all my drawers properly during the way so it’s not going to come much of an issue because it’s a crawlspace but I’m still going to seal it so I ran there cookery to that point and then I’m going to do all that with the hydraulic cement so that’s pretty much it so that’s how you fill the step crack on your foundation around brick it’ll be the same if you’re doing house brick so you can buy the hydraulic cement in a bucket I’ll do is I’ll show you how to mix it.

I think it did a pretty good job it doesn’t match right now the grout lines but when it dries it’ll look pretty close to it so we’re going to let that sit for a little bit that becomes tacky and then we’re going to run our trowel tool over there okay so I just filled it in you take this trowel once it’s done setting to write it down like this down like that like that although down the bottom that’s tuckpointing that seems let’s just stay here next to it flip the call tuckpointing use this tool we have a couple rags handy cuz it all you do get a little bit access and what I’m going to do is I’m going to see if I can wipe off the clean it up to make a look nice and sharp there kalabaw some water and a sponge I’m going to give it a shot and see buddy Chris buck those edges a little okay there you go it’s done just wipe down the excess with a sponge doesn’t look perfect but you know what that’s sealed so now we’re going to have to fill that crack in there and get some quikrete let’s see here get a bucket like this this is hydraulic cement.

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