Now we’re underneath the house I just grind it out at the step crack dusty out here and I grinded this out you’re going to want to grind in and in as a Dalek cement needs needs to be cutting a v-shape I take my drill I drill a hole here a hole here and a hole here and then that I’m going to fill it with hydraulic cement put my tubes in here and then I’m going to fill this crack with that injection crack mold stuff and then I’m going to fill this up with hydraulic cement I’m not going to use the grow in the gun because you don’t see this so that’s really dusty you see the dust in here anyway I’m gonna feel do that Redell she looks like that in there and then cement around it I should be able to fill that crack at that injection stuff so put holes in there goes in there goes in there I’m gonna attach to this hole is here with that in so I gotta get my cocking gun left it upstairs so forget dusty down here it’s that be surprised this job actually cost about four or five hundred dollars to do so this is not a nice job anyway I’ll be right back once I get the actually first.

I’m at my insert this tube in there about time you get back should be dry so we’re gonna do that and continue okay so I just mixed up some hydraulic cement it dries really fast I put the tubes in the crack and I ran how it all looks I met up and around and sealed all my grub cracks same as what’s outside so that should be watertight I hope and I’ll monitor it next I’ll come down here and take a look again make sure everything was looking good so I’m going to go get my cocking gun and let me get back that’s already dry rock hard and I can just fill my my crack filler in those tubes you can actually buy a kit but this is a cheap way of doing it you can buy those individually for like 25 bucks 30 bucks 6 bucks for the hose so you get the idea I bought two of them but I brought my blower down to blow out all the dust and water I got it for water bottles there so this is quite a project so me go get the cocking gun.

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