I’m going to go ahead and get this attached here I want to put the ball valve above it with a short piece of PVC in between them really at this point I’ll show you the rest of the install but you’re going to be on your own shut the tripod you’re really going to be on your own because this is where every setup is going to is going to differ all right I got my pipe I got to bring it up and I got to tie it into that portion right there which goes out to my sewage meeting all right again my vent is up there right next to that light as it’s going to be a straight run right down into that hole and that’s it I’m going to go ahead and glue all these sections of pipe together and I’ll show you what the finished product looks like so I just got done with the remainder of the plumbing here above the pit now I didn’t think it was worthwhile filming this only because it’s just a matter of cutting sections of pipe and finding a combination of fittings that work to get from the outlet of your pump up to wherever your sewer line may be so this is going to differ from installation to installation.

One thing I didn’t touch on before in regards to the check valve there will always be a direction of flow on the outside of the valve okay you have to make sure you install the check valve properly for it to work so obviously the sewage water is going to be pumped up and out which is why I have the arrow facing upwards now pretty obvious here but it’s an easy thing to forget or miss all right so really all this is this is you know obviously the check valve here but this also serves as a point of disconnect in case you ever have to get into the pit to do any work you don’t have to cut the pipes out for the section all you would do is just don’t do these clamps and that whole piece comes apart you can pull the cover up you can actually pull the cover up on the vent pipe and just stash it away you can get your hands in there to do your work bull valve as I stated before and stole that as close as you can to the check valve again normally this will be open you’ll close it if you ever had take the check valve off.

What that’ll do is I’ll hold all the sewage water that is in this lateral piece of pipe from flowing out when you take everything apart all right that’s really yet only other thing of note whenever you’re dealing with piping on the output side of a pump you want to limit the amount of 90-degree angles you have so what I did was I used two 45s one here and one up there to get a vertical again just to angle that section of pipe it relieves strain and the amount of push that the pump has to do to go around all those turns I did have to add an elbow here but you know one elbow in the system isn’t going to kill it this pump is capable of pumping 20 feet so there’s only about six feet here for where it has to pump to so it’s not a big deal other than that just obviously plug it in make sure you have your float switch connected before your pump so it works properly again the vent line the vent line just sticks into the top of the cover about two or three inches and that is tied into the rest of my venting system which is up here again.

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