We’re going to have to read the instruction to and mix some it sets in three to five minutes so we’re going to want to mix a little batch just enough to fill that crack you’re going to take four parts of this to one part water and mix it in a bucket so it becomes like a play-doh and you got three minutes to get this in so you’re going to fit this into the crack so you got less than three minutes to work this you’re going to work it into the crack like so and as you see already part is a rock you got very little time to work with this stuff so because it sets really fast so that’s in there that’s sealed and again some all the way in here too as well so and then because that’s that’s going to be underneath the dirt line that’s going to produce a watertight seal from any moisture getting in into my crawlspace so anyway I’ll shoot what looks like looks like the way it’s done when I’m gonna get it off okay so that’s what it looks like when it’s done it’s all tucked in there it’s like play-doh but it dries like one minute to two minutes it’s very fast drying and that’ll keep it waterproof from any more water getting in that crack and that’ll dry and I’m hoping that dries to the color of the grout later and there’s the bucket you want to use gloves when you mix this stuff gets really dirty you have any getting that a quick read on your tools just use a little bit of alcohol picks it right off with these so sure this stuff was going to go a long way so like I said for parts quick create the one part water you can just base it the eyeball mix it by hand I went through one of these already got one more to go and I just noticed over here I got a crack right in here so I’m going to grind this all out dig down there I’m going to fill this up.

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