What I’m going to do is I’ll show you later underneath the foundation we’re going to I’m going to put on a marking between the crack repair and if it retracts and separates and I’m going to call professional to come in and take a look at this but right now this this is a house is 60 years old so the foundation looks pretty good and the doors aren’t warped either the living room any cracks so it’s going to want to monitor this to make sure that that’s lesson that might be like not even a quarter third of an inch quarter quarter of an inch or maybe less than half a centimeter that crack so and I don’t want any moisture getting in on anything a crawlspace because I don’t have a basement I have a crawlspace so the idea is just to dig down and inspect where the crack goes and we see it right there I already been underneath the house and that’s where the cracks located so we’re going to fill that in and first we’re going to grind it out what you’re gonna do is you’re going to wanna dig with your shovel and then just get your where is it get your blower I just blow the dust away from that area because you want to see what you’re working with you want it clean to and you start to grind.

You’re going to need a press tear or just use your regular leaf blower achieve the same result clean up the crack so let’s get grinded and we’ll show you what it’s like we’ll show you how to grind this and how to chisel it up and how to feel okay just get your standard masonary your grinder this is a metal grinder this one’s pretty basic to use you just going to push down the button it’s going to lock this from spinning and put this on here like this unlock it take your wheel put your new wheel on just like that make sure the logo is facing towards you lock it down and then we’re ready to start grinding it’s a lot easy to use in the chisel on the whole crack so let’s go speed things up a little there you go so it looks like when it’s installed just tighten up that lock nut with the key plug it in and we’re going to start grinding okay now we grinded the crack out took it down about quarter inch I’m going to get my chisel in there and chisel up chunks and then going to grind it a little more and then once we’ve done that we’re going to blow it off of there leaf blower or air compressed air whatever you got clean it up.

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