We’re going to need to put some water on it for the garden hose okay so we just chiseled out took it down about a quarter inch here’s the crack in the footer runs around just well I don’t know that’s not what we’re going to do is are going to grab our blower we’re going to blow down the area get rid all the dust then we’re going to need to put water on the area so we’re going to take a hose which is right there we’re just going to let me spray down the air and clean it off let’s have done that put this in our talk and gun and then we’re going to in the grout lines with this and then at the bottom where that footer crack is we’re going to grab some hydraulic cement so I’ll show you how to do the hydraulics on we get to that point so first we’re going to fill in the little step step crack there so let’s get a blower on it and let’s get some water on it and get it ready to fill okay now that we’re in stay off of water and we blew it out with the air you said you have an air compressor you can use it we’re going need to fill that now so yourself some of this quikrete for as to say gray for tuckpointing and we’re going to fill in the holes but from the ground this line right here down to the ground we’re going to use hydraulic cement in here and inside the house we’re going to use a polyurethane because this this crack here goes down two feet into the crawlspace so we’re going to fill that with rejection poly injection kit but this stuff here is just for outlines to pick so and we got over there to fill – so basically what you’re going to do is let me just see if I get the camera down here while we do this there we go we’re gonna fill it just like that I’m gonna run all the way down I can’t do this book down so so it looks like what it’s done.

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