I highly recommend you put one of these in it’ll prevent a big mess if yeah like I said you ever have to go in there and change the pump out one other quick note about these check valves as you see here on the bottom it says it must be installed horizontally the reason they put that on there is that they’re afraid that you can see and they have that flapper works they’re afraid that the flapper is going to get jammed up with the brain it’s going to prevent it from closing if you install it vertically it’ll work vertically it’s just it requires more maintenance you might have to take it apart every so often just clean it out if you have to see a problem really I’ve always installed these vertically I’ve never had a problem with them general rule of thumb with the check valve anyways you probably replace this every five to six years just to be on the safe side if it ever stops working as with the pump the pump can get ten years out of a pump so figure out eight years you should be looking to replace that if you want to prevent the mess in your basement this thing water will get through this if the pump stops working and this thing fills it’s going to flood your basement I recommend just changing the pump every eight years just to be on the safe side.

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