Now I’m going to get underneath the house there and you’re going to repeat this step under the house as well to prepare the crack on the inside as well so the only difference is this crack here I’m going to inject it with some of that injector kit it’s like a seal kit you buy cost me 80 bucks for the two tubes of this stuff is like poly poly something chemical whatever like filler and you’re supposed to put quikrete concrete over the gap put these little tubes in and then pump and inject the crack with this filler so I’m going to do that from underneath the house and I’m just going to use this dirt here as see up the one crack while I checked it on the inside out so now I’ll solve that problem so it’s not the best job but you know what not bad for the do-it-yourselfer I’m sure I probably would have been charged three four hundred bucks to do this repair so my cost about 70 80 bucks for the materials so once we’re done I’m just going to put the dirt back and Renoir underneath the house and I’m going to do the repair under the house and you’ll see the same crack underneath the crawlspace er instead of showing you how to do the step crack I’m just going to show you how to do the injection of the crack on the footer.

There you go dirts back in its place so I don’t think that looks too bad of a repair so anyway do it yourself or if you want to fix a step crack that’s how you do it so most people would dig on to the ground to the footer but for me I dug right down to the footer and filled it right up so it’s done properly so I just lied to show you the end result there let’s dirt back in okay so now we’re going to go underneath the house we got here these are like 30 something dollars each you pick them up at Home Hardware it’s like flexible polyurethane grow and you put these little tubes in you put down the hydraulic cement and then you checked each one until you get all the way up to the top of the crack so this is what we’re going to do for the footer comes with a pair of gloves which you should wear comes with these now I could have bought the kit for $89 but I got two of these for the price of one by buying them separate that’s the name of it so go fix and I went to the store and I bought six seven dollars worth of Toobin I bought the this is what I’m going to do this is the trick to save money 1/4 by point you’re not going to see 7-0 in the crawl space so anyone eat the crawl space right now I’m going to get all the skulls under there to light extension cord the grinder chisels and we’re going to work their way from the inside out.

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