So what I did do is I had the pump pretty much over on this side of the basin and again I got the pipe attached and the only real thing you got to check is to make sure when you put your lid on that your bolt holes and if you can see that down in there but you have four bolts that bolt the cover down you got to make sure that the pump and the pipe coming out lines up with one of these two holes in the top it doesn’t matter which one you use I’m coming up this one obviously because I got the pump on this side away from the inlet again which is over on this side the other hole is for the vent pipe the vent pipe sticks down into the basin about three inches not any further it’s just a vent the sewer gas is out of this and mine connects right up there I got that all roughed in.

Now how it roughed in the basement plumbing for the bathroom down here all right so it’s just a vertical piece of pipe that are going to connect with that and we’re going to get the cover on now I’ll show you some tricks how to do that how to seal it so your basement doesn’t smell and that brings up the next step all right so with the lid kit you get a couple things you get a gasket they give you bolts to bolt this down also get a grommet that fits into the the lid that’s where the cords come out I’ll show you how to install it in a few and you’ll get two grommets or where the pipes come up through the lid with this gasket what you want to do it’s double stick tape just rip the back of it off and you’re going to put this all around the inner lip of the basin.

This is why you see white and red stains.

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