Well, it’s time to put the system to the test now.

I’m simulating water coming down the stairwell instead of flowing onto the floor.

The water goes through the grate and into the drain.

Its channel to the sump and the rising water turns on the pump, the water is then carried to the outside where it’s discharged through the grate.

In the winter a frozen line could render the drain useless, to prevent this we invented these failsafe bypass fittings which allow water to flow even if the drain is ice clogged downstream.

With an annual maintenance program where we come out once a year

We check out the system, check out the pumps and we look for problems and find them before the problems find you.

So you don’t have to do anything then.

There’s an alarm that will sound off if you have problems and if your battery backup pump operates there’s an alarm that will sound off to tell you that you’re on battery power so that you know to check the primary pump to get that restored before the battery goes dead.

But the battery will pump out about 10,000 gallons of water before it goes dead so you’ve got a long time.

Check here how Finding the Correct Sump Pump Configuration.