Leaky Basement

Left untreated, a leaky basement can cause a host of problems. Some of these problems can include:

– Mold, Fungus, and Mildew Growth: Water enters the cellar through small cracks, allowing various forms of fungus, fungi, and mold to grow inside. This growth will eventually grow into an infestation that makes it hard to get rid of.

– Mold spores will travel from outside the home to enter the house. If the humidity level in the basement is high enough, it is possible that mold spores from the outside will make it through a leaky basement. It is important to make sure that the humidity level in the basement is controlled or else the mold will grow.

– Filtration systems are prone to breakdown. If the humidity level in the basement is high enough to allow for the formation of the mold and other growths, then the filtration system is not performing at its optimal levels. A simple replacement with a better system should correct the problem.

– Water seeps into the basement. If water is seeping into the basement from below, then it is possible for moisture to build up in the walls and ceiling. This can make it harder to get to and hard for the people living in the home to clean. The longer the water stays, the harder it becomes to remove and clean.

– Mold grows better in damp conditions. Water can also seep into the basement from the exterior, especially in the form of rain. If the walls and ceiling are not adequately insulated, then the moisture can be trapped there. As this moisture builds up over time, it can cause damage to the structure of the house and even cause damage to the foundation.

– There can be structural damage to the walls and ceiling from condensation. When the walls and ceiling are damp, the condensation forms on the walls and ceiling. This can become quite hard to remove and hard to get rid of. A simple replacement will help to get rid of this problem.

With a leaky basement, homeowners have many reasons to be concerned about what they may be dealing with. If you find that your basement is causing you to have a headache, do some research into what is involved in dealing with the problem and finding a solution.

Many times when basement leaks are the result of condensation, homeowners can fix them with the use of a dehumidifier. It can help to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Sometimes the water will stop flowing into the basement and the leak will clear up. At other times, the water will continue to build up until the condensation and moisture have caused damage to the wall or ceiling.

Sometimes basement leaks can be caused by poor insulation. In this case, it will require the installation of an underfloor heating system to take care of the problem. When using an underfloor heating system, the problem can be fixed by adding an air ducting system to ventilate the basement effectively.

In the case that the basement leaks as caused by water penetration, there are steps that can be taken to make the problem less likely to occur in the future. Most leaky basements can be addressed with a simple replacement. If the basement is filled with concrete blocks, a new liner can be installed.

The liner system can help to keep the basement dry and prevent moisture from building up. As the liner system is installed, it can help to seal off any spaces where moisture may have accumulated. This prevents further moisture from forming and prevents the basement from absorbing moisture into the structure.

If these steps are not taken, then the leaky problem could be much worse. Once a basement problem has been identified, it can be fixed. It is also important to hire professionals to make sure that the problem is fixed and that it is remedied before it leads to more damage or worse, flooding.

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