Underneath the Basement Floor

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Underneath the Basement Floor What happen if you not waterproof Related Articles Useful Guides We never think about it. What is underneath the basement floor? We are too busy enjoying the rest of the house to ponder on that thought. … Read More

Finding the Correct Sump Pump Configuration

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Introduction The Two-pump Set Related Articles Useful Guides Any new home constructed with a basement below the water table is a candidate for a sump pump, but sometimes the sump pump is not strong enough to handle local rainfall or … Read More

Why Do My Sheetrock Walls Have Cracks?

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Why Do My Sheetrock Walls Have Cracks? Is there a solution to this problem? Time is not on your side. Next time you notice a crack in your basement or living room wall Related Articles Useful Guides There comes a … Read More

What Are Those White and Red Stains?

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What Are Those White and Red Stains? To understand why this efflorescence is happening we have to start at the very beginning. How can I stop this destructive process? Related Articles Useful Guides Efflorescences? If you have an unfinished basement … Read More