Basement Waterproofing Company Putnam County NY

Are you a homeowner in Putnam County NY with a wet, damp, musty basement or crawl space? Speak to one of our representatives today.
Serving Putnam County in New York, including:
Carmel, Mahopac, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, Nelsonville, Cold Spring, Garrison, West Point, Southeast, Putnam Valley and Brewster.
Full List of Waterproofing Services
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"Mr. Silva answered all of our questions, and there was constant communication from beginning to end. We did not feel like we had to watch over this crew at any time. We felt totally comfortable with them. They didn’t make a complete mess of things, in fact, they did their job and broom swept everything!" - Lisa S. | Putnam County NY

The Ultimate Dry Basement Solution!

SuperDry Waterproofing System

We are proud to serve Putnam County NY and offer the best dry basement solution available. Every facet of our SuperDry system works efficiently to keep water from becoming a problem in your basement or crawl space. Our installation eliminates the number one reason for foundation instability and cracks. We use a powerful subfloor drainage system to remove the hydrostatic pressure around your walls. Watch the videos below to see how we can achieve such great results.

Full List of Waterproofing Services

Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing

Our SuperDry Basement Waterproofing System provides five essentials in order to repair cracks and waterproof your basement.

  • Effective Drainage
  • Keep Water-Level Low
  • Eliminate Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Maintain Structural Integrity
  • Dust-Free Installation
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Future-Proof for Resale by Meeting Building Code Requirements
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Crawl Space Waterproofing

crawl space sealing

Using American Dry Basement Systems' SuperCrete method you can create an optimal storage space in your home.

  • Remove Debris
  • Clean and Sanitize
  • Add 3 to 4 Inches of Washed Stones
  • Cover with 20 mil Vapor Barrier
  • Pour SuperCrete to Seal Space
  • Dust-Free Installation
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Cracks
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Sump Pump Installation

battery backup sump pump

The key to a successful, efficient sump pump station is the waterproofer’s ability to understand the amount of pumping power required to be matched up with the size of the water problem.

  • Primary Heavy-Duty 3/4-HP Pump
  • Cast-Iron & Stainless Steel
  • High Water Sensor with Alarm
  • Discharge Pipe Buildout with Silencer Check Valve
  • Winter-Resistant Freeze-Flow
  • 5 Year Warranty on Replacement
  • Optional: Pump & Battery Backup Combo with Wifi Notifications & Alerts on Any Device
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Foundation Crack Repair

basement wall crack injection

We will seal any crack with our proprietary SuperCrete (Floor) and SuperSlurry (Walls). They have a crystalline component that grows into concrete making it stronger and waterproof.

  • Chip Away & Clean Crack
  • Insert Set Pins
  • Inject Cement/Epoxy
  • Apply SuperCrete or SuperSlurry to Seal Crack
  • Dust-Free Installation
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Cracks
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