So I just want to give you guys a closer look at the pump here here’s a discharge you’re going to need a two inch threaded male adapted I’ll transition from threaded to slip fitting for PVC that just gets threaded down in there you don’t need teflon tape a pipe dope or anything on it’s a flooded connection down on the pit it doesn’t matter if it leaks a little bit just a little item a note if you’re going to be replacing your pump and you pop this cover off and you see a topped off of sewage in here which is probably going to be the case if you’re replacing it to get that water out you could try a little trick might work what happens a lot of times with these pumps is here’s the float switch alright and over time debris toilet paper hair and also it’s all the stuff gets wrapped around this and what happens is it weighs it down and when the water level rises it doesn’t allow the float to rise up and down anymore so it’s stuck in the downward position the pump doesn’t come on on the cord.

If you have this type of pump there’s two plugs this part here is the pump this part here is the float switch what you can do is you can unplug this portion of the plug and then plug this section right into the wall and what that will do is give you constant power of the pump now if it’s the flux which is the problem what will happen is the pump will kick on it’ll pump all the water out of the pit and then you can get anything to do your work now there’s a lot of pumps that don’t have this type of setup some of them have a integrated float switch on here that you know all the wiring is down in the pump so it’s not going to work for you.

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