You could take a quick peek obviously that having to even start your job and see if you have this and if you do you’re in luck and you could try it and like I said maybe you get lucky and it’s just a float switch it’s your problem ok so I’m going to now like I said I’m going to attach this fitting on here now we’re going to cut a section of PVC to get us from the bottom of the pit out of the pit to the top portion here and we want to stick out of the top of the pit about two inches and what that’s going to allow us to do is connect our check valve and continue our plumbing up and I have to get my pipe up to this section here that’s the connection to my sewage main that goes in around this wall here.

So let’s get to do on that now so I went ahead and got the pump lower down in the pit have our threaded connection on there I got a section of PVC pipe 2-inch pipe primed and glued into that fitting just one tip when placing the pump down here what you want to do is keep the pump as far away as possible from the inlet so the four inch pipe here being where all the sewage water from the bathrooms coming into the pit it’s going to drop straight down in this area here there’s really no pressure when this is coming in so it’s going to essentially as soon as it comes out of the pipe is going to drop vertically down and the idea is to keep the float switch as far away as possible from that.

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