Fixing a Leaking Basement Wall Crack

Image of a wet basement wall crack

What does it mean when you find water leaking from a basement wall crack? The walls outside of your basement are taking on a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure. That pressure is a buildup of groundwater around and outside your basement walls. The walls will subtly push inward and produce a crack. Eventually, the crack will widen some more to … Read More

How to Effectively Control Wet Basement Seepage

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If you want to control wet basement seepage, there are many choices, but there is only one way to stop it from ending up on your basement floor. We are going to tell you how. You cannot command groundwater to stop its attempt to enter your basement because water will always find a way in and onto your concrete floor. … Read More

Fixing Concrete Basement Floor

drylock basement

Fixing a concrete basement floor sounds simple. Is it? Basement waterproofing companies have one thing in common; remove and replace concrete. That is where the similarities end. Some companies demolish the structural integrity of a home by removing all concrete flooring along your basement walls to install their drainage. They have you believe that they solved the problem by replacing … Read More