Peter O’Shea, Owner of American Dry Basement Systems

The President and CEO of American Dry, with over 30 years of experience, will introduce his company’s mission in waterproofing your basement and keeping it dry for a lifetime.

Lifetime Warranty

How can we possibly offer a lifetime guarantee that is totally transferable to the next owner? American Dry Basement Systems’ lifetime warranty-guarantee is the best you will find among any waterproofing company.

Do It Once – Do It Right!

Our Crack-Free and Clog-Free guarantee will assure you that we will make sure your waterproof installation is done right the first time.

Three Types of Foundations

Some customers do not realize that all three different foundation types with water problems cannot be managed by using the same waterproofing installation. The installation must be customized to accommodate that type of foundation.

Structural Integrity

American Dry Basement Systems understands that a strong foundation relies on “structural integrity.” If you remove the structural integrity you could make matters worse.

Where Do You Manage Groundwater?

Why is groundwater entering your home? Where does it come from and is there a sure way to manage it? American Dry Basement has a tried and tested solution to groundwater management.

Building Code

What are some waterproofing installers doing that they won’t tell you? Building codes are here for a reason. They are regulated, proven specifications that give your home reselling value by giving it the ability to pass any inspection. Make sure your home foundation meets code.

Dust Suppression

Foundation repair and waterproofing can be messy. Dust is a major contributor when jackhammering concrete. The hammering creates airborne lime-laden particulates that get everywhere and can create an unhealthy environment in your home. We found a way to solve this problem at American Dry with our patented system.

SuperSlurry and SuperCrete

These two patented mixtures are custom formulated by American Dry to repair foundation walls, floors and beyond. There are similar, competitive products on the market, but none are tested as aggressively in commercial situations. They are industrial strength for residential homes.


We have enough things to worry about maintaining in our homes than to add another to the pile. Yet, some basement waterproofing systems require an annual or biannual maintenance to keep their drainage system clear. It would be nice if someone offered a maintenance-free system… But, someone did!

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