now we assemble a run of PVC drain pipe that terminates at a drain grate.

any water that’s pumped out of the basement will be carried well away from the foundation and discharged through the grate where it will run away from the house.

Inside the plastic pipe is run down to the sump where it’s connected to the discharge side of the pump then the pumps are plugged in and the battery for the emergency DC pump is connected.

The battery will be monitored and kept fully energized by the automatic charger with the plumbing work complete and the pumps ready to go.

The crew begins trawling concrete around the drain concealing everything except the top the grate at the bottom of the stairwell is first covered with duct tape to keep it clean once the concrete work is finished.

A trench was cut into the basement floor, plastic panels were attached to the walls and the drain was laid in place.

now here’s how the system works, any water coming through the floor enters holes near the bottom of the drain and is carried away.

Water leaking through the walls flows downward behind the plastic panels and into the same holes in the drain.

The drain then discharges the water into the sump.

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