Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Worth the Cost?

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Do you think you need crawl space encapsulation or sealing? Are you not sure? Is it really worth it? Well, there are hundreds of questions when it comes to encapsulating or sealing your crawl space. The best part about encapsulation is that it provides the homeowner with a stronger foundation and a healthier home. You are probably wondering what problems make people hire crawl space encapsulation or sealing providers. In the following article, we will cover all that and more. Continue reading.

Why Crawl Space Encapsulation or Sealing?

According to industry experts, having your leaky areas encapsulated with a strong barrier improves the overall air quality of your interior space above your crawl space. People tend to get around 50 to 60 percent of the air they inhale from their crawl space. An unclean and dirty crawl space can result in the generation of polluted air, contributing to different health disorders. On the other hand, a tidy, encapsulated, or sealed crawl space not only prevents excess moisture in your interior space above, but the addition of a dehumidifier (usually installed in a crawl space) improves the overall indoor air quality too.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Vapor Barrier Installation

While encapsulation and vapor barrier seem to be slightly similar processes, one of the significant differences between them is the area they cover. In the vapor barrier process, the floors and walls (up to 8 inches) are sealed with a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier connected with sturdy tape. However, encapsulation is a broader concept involving the sealing of the walls, floor, foundation, ceilings, and other crawl space areas.

A 6mm polyethylene barrier is laid on the entire crawl space floor in a vapor barrier installation process. As this process doesn’t seal the vents, users aren’t needed to invest in the dehumidifier installation. The vapor barrier is limited to the sealing of your crawl space with black plastic. Neither it requires a dehumidifier, nor does it call for a sump pump installation. On the other hand, encapsulation services’ principal purpose is to prevent excess moisture buildup in your crawl space, which gradually gets into your premises through the vents. Hence, the encapsulated crawl space is an ideal storage option. Read on to know some more benefits of crawl space encapsulation:

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation or Sealing

Nothing can be more infuriating than having to experience unwanted water damage in your crawl space followed by mold and mildew. Note the excess humidity quickly becomes a nuisance by deteriorating your property. So unless you are okay with hefty energy bills or expensive floor repairs, you should hire a trustworthy encapsulation company and get your crawl space sealed. The installation can be costly, but it can save you hundreds of dollars by reducing electricity bills, avoiding floor or ceiling repair costs, preventing water damage and wood deterioration caused by pests.

Here is how you can benefit from crawl space encapsulation:

  1. Less Mold and Pests
    Mold and pests are more likely to develop in damp and dark areas with excess moisture buildup. That said, your crawl space (which is, of course, dark and gets humid due to excess moisture) turns out to be an ideal residence for these tiny creatures that are in search of suitable habitat. Once these pests get access to your crawl space, they don’t take a long time to deteriorate the wood and spread unpleasant odors. What makes this worse is the rotten wood, which, sooner or later, accommodates a large number of termites. Hence, the sooner you seal your crawl space with a robust plastic barrier, the lesser the pest infestation risk. The lack of moisture in these dark areas won’t allow molds and mildews to grow and cause property damage.
  2. Make your home energy-efficient
    According to the surveys, most homeowners who had vented crawl space had to pay an expensive electricity bill. So why not? By allowing moisture buildup in these dark areas, you compel your heaters and air conditioners to work harder to combat the damp air. Simultaneously, encapsulating the crawl areas can save you plenty of money by freeing your interior atmosphere from excess humidity. All in all, it makes your premises energy-efficient. If you still think encapsulation is expensive, be ready to see another big energy bill this summer. Apart from reducing energy bills, an energy-efficient home enhances the lifespan of your heating and cooling devices. Wondering how? The harder your heating appliances work to prevent the chilly temperature in the winter, the more it is likely to face premature wear and tear.
  3. Increases your property value
    Okay, you might love your property and aren’t planning to sell it anytime soon. However, are you sure you won’t be selling it in the future? Whether or not you want to sell your home, you should invest in crawl space encapsulation services to increase its value.
  4. Maintain Structural Integrity
    Saturated soil can weaken your foundation. When you encapsulate your crawl space, you not only keep it from becoming damp, but you also prevent moisture from staying in the soil (which supports the foundation). So this moisture prevention is pretty essential to ensure the long term stability of your building. Note that moisture is not only capable of adding to your energy bill, but it has proven to be a significant cause behind the instability of your home. Of course, you would want your property to stay stable for years. So make sure you get the proper drainage in your crawl space.
  5. Enhance Comfort
    Vented crawl space negatively affects the indoor air quality and makes it quite unfit to inhale. As a large portion of the air you inhale every single second comes from your crawl space, you should consider investing in encapsulation services. By ensuring clean air to your interior space, the encapsulated crawl space can improve your home atmosphere and alleviate the risk of unnecessary health problems. Now you have to decide whether you are okay with the expensive medical treatments, or you consider a small investment in crawl space encapsulation a compelling choice.


We assume that you have decided to get your crawl space encapsulated right away. Haven’t you? What are you waiting for? Don’t let moisture and pests damage your property. Hire a reputable crawl space encapsulating or sealing providers immediately to reduce your energy bills and improve your health.

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