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Breaking concrete tends to kick up plenty of small particulates to enter someone’s nose and into their lungs. Our American Dry Basement Systems workers use Negative Air Scrubbers and an EnviroBoot on our jackhammers to remove bad air. It is vital to keep our workers and customers safe.
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Is Dust Suppression Necessary??

Absolutely, and for some critical reasons. When removing concrete using a jackhammer, dust suppression becomes a top concern. The jackhammer’s repetitive action breaks down concrete and produces a tiny dust particulate. This dust is easily airborne and can float and settle elsewhere, creating an enormous mess. It is almost impossible to do a thorough cleanup without preparation and prevention.

How Do We Suppress Dust?

waterproofing basement using jackhammer

Before and after photos with and without the use of our Enviroboot attachment.

The EnviroBoot point of contact. This boot fits over the housing of the jackhammer and is attached to a heavy-duty HEPA-level filtration vacuum cleaner. As the jackhammer creates the dust, it is immediately suctioned up at the point of contact and into the HEPA vacuum.

The ingredients of concrete are sand, stone, and lime. Concrete is mainly composed of lime (there’s a lot of lime in concrete). Lime is the glue that holds the sand and stone together; it is also highly toxic to human tissue. The airborne nature of the fine particulate makes it easy to inhale the lime dust, a health hazard for anyone living inside the house. It irritates the eyes and inflames sinuses; contact should be limited. American Dry takes significant steps to avoid this problem.

negative air scrubber

This is a negative air scrubber used on every worksite.

A negative air machine is set up in the middle of the basement. It pulls a significant amount of air from everywhere through a large HEPA filter. The air through the filter is completely clean, but we still vent it to the outside. We vent outside to minimize any air movement within the basement. This solution is extremely efficient and creates an incredibly clean installation.

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