No-Crack Guarantee

Nobody warranties walls or floors from cracking! We do. Our Engineering Spacer/SuperCrete Technology will keep floors from cracking. If a post-installation floor crack occurs, crack repairs are free.

Clog-Free Guarantee

American Dry Basement Systems ensures that our SuperDry system’s pipe will never get clogged with mud and or iron ochre. (Iron ochre is a bacteria that plagues all types of gutter systems because of the stagnant water that sits inside them.)

We back this claim with the strongest guarantee in the industry. “If mud and or iron ochre clogs our system causing it to fail, you the initial customer will receive a complete refund on the system we installed.”

Ask any waterproofing company, “If your system fails because of mud and or iron ochre will you refund my money or will you charge me maintenance to clean it out?” The answer will be “no refund” and “yes, we charge you to clean your system out.”

This guarantee is in compliance with American Dry Basement Systems warranty. Void if the system is tampered, altered and or interfered with by the customer, and or another company. Also, surface flooding (water pouring in through windows, above ground access e.g. street and yard flooding over top of the wall) will void the warranty. Basement contents are not covered.

Maintenance-Free Guarantee

American Dry Basement Systems’ SuperDry System is perpetually self-cleaning and maintenance-free. Other systems cannot make this claim. They hide behind verbiage such as “in the event” or “if ” or “when the system fails maintenance will be necessary at the customer’s expense.” Therefore we guarantee that you the customer will never incur any related maintenance charges as long as you own your home and yes it is transferable to the next owner.

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