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Sump Pump Installation

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Our well-trained, skilled installers at American Dry Basement Systems can configure the perfect sump pump installation for your home. Whether we are in the middle of a 5-year rain cycle, our system is designed to handle whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

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Sump Pump Installation

American Dry Basement Systems installed over 40,000 sump pumps since 1997.

"American Dry Basements came in and install a system that amazingly pumps a high volume of water out every few minutes and has been working flawlessly now for the past 7 years without so much as a moment of interruption." - rcflyerCT

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3 Reasons to Choose Us

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Our installation requires following the proper guidelines and fundamentals to creating a successful, operational sump pump station for any size home. The key to a successful, efficient sump pump station is the waterproofer’s ability to understand the amount of pumping power required to handle the size of the water problem. We will install only what you need.
  2. RELIABLE: We install only dependable sump pump systems capable of removing water fast enough to keep you dry during the rainiest seasons. In addition, our Freeze-Free attachment will stop the discharge line from freezing shut on the outside to allow water to escape.
  3. EXPERIENCE: Our installers at American Dry Basement Systems installed over 40,000 sump pumps and battery backup systems. We know the winning combination that will end your water problems.
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3/4 HP Sump Pump System
5 Year Warranty
Worry-Free Operation

Our primary sump pump is stronger than 1/3 or 1/2 HP base models offered by competing waterproofing companies. We know a 4-cyl vehicle will breakdown sooner than an 8-cyl vehicle. Our primary pump is 3/4 HP, and it can move between 2940 to 4029 gallons/hr, depending on the height of your discharge pipe. This pump has a high-water sensor with an audible alarm to notify you when the pump is activated. We include a durable whisper quiet check valve to make sure discharge water never backs up into your system.

  • All Cast-Iron

    Cast-iron pumps are more reliable and efficient than their cheap plastic counterparts.

  • Reliable & Durable

    The pump has a backup power cable if the switch fails. It also has a vertical float guard to protect operational interference .

  • Heavy-Duty 3/4 HP Motor

    This high-performance motor will go the distance in the worst of storms at 50% less power.

  • Winter-Resistant Freeze-Free

    Attaches on the outside discharge line and helps to prevent flooding due to a frozen discharge pipe.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    We cover mechanical malfunction for replacement and installation error up to 5 full years.

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3/4-HP Primary Sump Pump
Backup Pump with Battery
24/7 Wifi Monitoring

In the northeast US, no one is a stranger to power outages. Heavy downpours and super-soakers make the ground soft, uprooting trees, or high winds blow down branches severing power to homes. If your basement is vulnerable to flooding without your sump pump running, you need a battery backup to ward off costly damage before help arrives. This system includes the primary pump, backup pump, battery case, battery, and internet backup battery that keeps your modem/router running, so you continue to get real-time status of your battery power & water level.

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  • High-Volume Backup Pump

    Our backup pump eliminates more water than any other backup system. Up to 13000 gallons water on a single battery.

  • Reliable & Durable

    The primary sump pump is cast-iron. The backup pump is made from quality automotive components & waterproof epoxy to prevent corrosion.

  • Wifi Self-Checking

    Get weekly notifications on pump health and real time pump performance data. Monitors both pumps and battery from any device.

  • Long-Lasting on Battery

    Our backup pump uses very little power with one of the best outputs in the industry. It keeps working when others quit.

  • Our Warranty

    We guarantee a replacement for 5 years on the primary pump and 3 years on the backup pump.

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In the end, it comes down to protecting one of your most significant investments - your home. We understand how important it is to make sure you are hiring the right people who provide the value you want at the right cost. We have a long line of customers who will attest to our honesty and integrity. Invite us today to give you a free inspection and estimate. We are confident we have a solution for you. Schedule for a free estimate or call us at 888-748-2002.

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