How to Effectively Control Wet Basement Seepage

If you want to control wet basement seepage, there are many choices, but there is only one way to stop it from ending up on your basement floor. We are going to tell you how. You cannot command groundwater to stop its attempt to enter your basement because water will always find a way in and onto your concrete floor. … Read More

Fixing Concrete Basement Floor

Fixing a concrete basement floor sounds simple. Is it? Basement waterproofing companies have one thing in common; remove and replace concrete. That is where the similarities end. Some companies demolish the structural integrity of a home by removing all concrete flooring along your basement walls to install their drainage. They have you believe that they solved the problem by replacing … Read More

Basement Waterproofing System Replacement

A basement waterproofing system replacement is something none of us want to do. If your system fails to stop your basement or crawlspace from flooding, what choice do you have? Some system installations can cost a lot of money, depending on linear footage and system features. Imagine paying for a system twice. Nothing can be worse than paying for a … Read More

When is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

Are you struggling with a faulty basement waterproofing system? Do you have to deal with a wet basement every now & then? Chances are the drainage system in your basement is poorly installed, or water is accumulating around the foundation of your house.

Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Worth the Cost?

Do you have a vented crawl space? Do you think encapsulating your crawl space and other permeable areas can cost you an arm and a leg? Are you not sure whether your premises need encapsulation work?

How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?

A wet or leaky basement is a matter of significant concern for any homeowner. What might appear to be a slight trickle or leakage can turn out to be a warning sign that might require instant action on your part.

American Dry Stays Ahead of Bad Weather

Your home is vulnerable to bad weather. Snow, ice and rain can wreak havoc causing severe damage. Some of us are lucky enough to breathe a sigh of relief when nothing happens at all. Truth be told; luck does run out unless you are proactive. Here are some proactive measures: Remove tall, old trees that are close to the house. … Read More

Flooding Due to Melting Snow

1 acre + 10 inches of evenly distributed snow = 1 inch/acre of water = 2,715 gallons of water That number is never the same because it is affected by many factors. For instance, it can change depending on the density of the snow and evaporation due to winds and dryness in your area. Also, consider the thawing of snow … Read More

Mold Spores Attack

A home is a place where we grow up. It should be a healthy, happy and safe environment but there is a lurking fungus all around us waiting for the right moment to attack. This fungus is mold. It is in the air we breathe in the form of spores, and the levels change seasonally. You breathe them in daily, … Read More

Underneath the Basement Floor

We never think about it. What is underneath our basement floors? We are too busy enjoying the rest of the house to ponder on that thought. Our basements may be unfinished and occupied by the usual suspects; a furnace, oil tank, water heater, water treatment tanks, washer, dryer, forced-air heating system, and storage. There is no reason to be down … Read More