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We are here for you! American Dry Basement Systems continues to be here for you. Our employees face the same challenges you do, yet they are ready and able to help you in your time of need. We are monitoring … Read More

Avoid a Frozen Discharge Line

Discharge Line Frozen Solid

If you already have a basement waterproofing system, you are likely to have a sump pump connected. That also means you have a sump pump discharge line going through the basement wall to the outside. That transition from inside to … Read More

Cookie-Cutter Waterproofing Systems Don’t Work

basement footer floor thickness

Different factors come into play when you’re deciding on what type of waterproofing system to put into your basement. What kind of foundation you have? How wide is the footing? How thick is your basement floor? Your contractor will not … Read More

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

sump pump maintenance

Sump pumps prevent flooding and protect your home from expensive repairs due to water damage. Therefore, experts and manufacturers recommend annual sump pump maintenance. In just a few steps, you can maintain the functional reliability of your sump pump. Before … Read More

Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems Explained

Basement flooding often occurs during the middle of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, your electrical power can go out during a storm, which means there will not be electricity to power the sump pump located in your basement. If a sump cannot … Read More

Protect Your Property with a Sump Pump

basement water leak repair

A sump pump requires plumbing in a discharge pipe. This pipe will run from the sump pump, up and through the wall of your foundation, into an exterior drain, and then across your lawn to a dry well or your municipal storm drain. The piping must have the proper pitch to drain effectively. Furthermore, a check valve must be installed in the piping to prevent the pumped water from returning to the sump pump at the end of a pumping cycle.

Fixing a Leaking Basement Wall Crack

Image of a wet basement wall crack

What does it mean when you find water leaking from a basement wall crack? The walls outside of your basement are taking on a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure. That pressure is a buildup of groundwater around and outside your … Read More

Fixing Concrete Basement Floor

drylock basement

Fixing a concrete basement floor sounds simple. Is it? Basement waterproofing companies have one thing in common; remove and replace concrete. That is where the similarities end. Some companies demolish the structural integrity of a home by removing all concrete … Read More

Basement Waterproofing System Replacement

dry basement systems

A basement waterproofing system replacement is something none of us want to do. If your system fails to stop your basement or crawlspace from flooding, what choice do you have? Some system installations can cost a lot of money, depending … Read More