Basement Waterproofing News

What are Basement Engineering Tabs?

Basements should have engineering tabs made during basement waterproofing for a strong foundation. Leaving sections of your floor on the footer is vital.

Wet Basement Problem: False Water Table

backhoe making foundation clay bowl

A false water table is the primary cause of wet basements, deteriorating foundation walls, and cracking floors. It is “false” because it is temporary.

6 Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding


Basement flooding usually occurs when groundwater finds the path of least resistance. There are six things you can do to prevent flooding inside your basement.

What is a Monolithic Slab Foundation?

monolithic slab foundation with poured concrete walls

A monolithic slab foundation is created by pouring a single layer of concrete to form a slab and footing. The construction process is faster and low cost.

5 Reasons Why Poured Concrete Walls Are Better

poured concrete walls vs block wall foundations

Which foundation wall is better? Is it traditional cinder block walls or the poured concrete walls? Homeowners are partial towards one foundation type over the other. Yet, like everything else, each foundation type has its own set of pros and cons.

Drain Tile Can Save Your Basement

drain tile can save your basement

What is Drain Tile? Essentially drain tile is a way to protect your home from groundwater flooding. It redirects water away from your home before it can enter and cause damage.

About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

American Dry Basement Systems continues to be here for you. Our employees face the same COVID-19 challenges you do, yet they are ready and able to help you in your time of need.

Avoid a Frozen Discharge Line

Discharge Line Frozen Solid

It is possible to get a frozen discharge line, stopping water from pumping to the outside and burning out your sump pump motor in the process.