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What is a Monolithic Slab Foundation?

monolithic slab foundation with poured concrete walls

Table of Contents Proper Site Preparation Pros of Monolithic Slab Foundation Cons of Monolithic Slab Foundation When Should You Choose a Monolithic Slab Foundation? What Are Some Issues With a Monolithic Foundation? When to Avoid a Monolithic Slab Foundation for … Read More

5 Reasons Why Poured Concrete Walls Are Better

poured concrete walls vs block wall foundations

Which foundation wall is better? Is it traditional cinder block walls or the poured concrete walls? Homeowners are partial towards one foundation type over the other. Yet, like everything else, each foundation type has its own set of pros and cons.

Stone Foundation: Ways You Can Prevent Water Leaks

Exterior Stone Foundation

Types of Stone Foundations Importance of Waterproofing The Foundation What Causes a Wet Basement? Stone Foundation Waterproofing Solutions In Conclusion Related Articles A stone foundation’s primary purpose is to keep out moisture and insulate a home from the cold. There … Read More

Drain Tile Can Save Your Basement

drain tile can save your basement

What is Drain Tile? Essentially drain tile is a way to protect your home from groundwater flooding. It redirects water away from your home before it can enter and cause damage. It is one of those things you never need – until you do!

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Table of Contents We are here for you! Services we are offering in CT and NY Actions are we taking Related Articles Useful Guides We are here for you! American Dry Basement Systems continues to be here for you. Our … Read More

Avoid a Frozen Discharge Line

Discharge Line Frozen Solid

Table of Contents Avoid a Frozen Discharge Line Discharge Line Installation Dry Well or Drain Field Installation Why Does the Discharge Lines Freeze-up? Town or City Sewer System Sump Pump Discharge Line Freeze Prevention Related Articles Useful Guides If you … Read More

Cookie-Cutter Waterproofing Systems Don’t Work

basement footer floor thickness

Table of Contents Non-Standard Foundations Cookie-cutter Waterproofing System Dilemma Foundation Support is Lost In Closing Related Articles Useful Guides Different factors come into play when you’re deciding on what type of waterproofing system to put into your basement. What kind … Read More

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist to Improve Reliability

sump pump maintenance

Table of Contents Annual Maintenance for Sump Pumps In Closing Related Articles Useful Guides Sump pumps prevent flooding and protect your home from expensive repairs due to water damage. Therefore, experts and manufacturers recommend following an annual sump pump maintenance … Read More