Crawl Space

Small in nature and most commonly uninhabitable, a crawl space is unused due to its lack of dependability. So the...

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Crawl Space

Small in nature and most commonly uninhabitable, a crawl space is unused due to its lack of dependability.  It can be a tough decision to decide to store valuable and unused items in a crawl space knowing that at any moment, it can flood, swarm with bugs, or even mold.

So the question is, can a crawl space be a dry, healthy, clean and usable space in your home?

Yes, it can. Using American Dry Basement Systems’ SuperCrete method you can create an optimal storage space in your home that you can depend on and trust.  Homeowners who value every inch of their homes will appreciate the SuperCrete method.

The first step of the process involves removing all objectionable contents and debris (the cleaning) to ensure the absolute cleanest, most efficient crawl space sealing job. Once the crawlspace is clean, it is sanitized using an entirely green all-natural botanical disinfectant that kills 99.99% of all mold, fungus, and bacteria.

The second step in the process is the removal of any and all mold.  Dead mold spores are eradicated using another completely green non-toxic product.  This product is invisible and has been tested and proven to have zero sensitivity issues using a fog type which fills every inch of the crawl space killing any dead mold spores.  Once dry, the mold spores are no longer a health threat.

In more severe cases, a third step involves sealing the very wet crawl spaces, with a 2 to 3-inch layer of three-quarter inch washed stone, which is a great tool for drainage.  A thick poly sheeting is used to cover the three-quarter inch stone.  This sheeting covers the entire crawlspace floor, acting as a vapor barrier for additional protection.  For additional protection, the stone and polyvinyl “vapor barrier” sheeting are covered by a 3 to 4-inch layer of SuperCrete. The SuperCrete is poured wall-to-wall sealing the entire floor surface and is elevated several inches up the wall around the entire perimeter of the crawlspace.  The SuperCrete will adhere to every nook and cranny of the wall completing a perfect seal.  The strength and waterproof characteristics of SuperCrete creates a dry and structurally sound storage place for your home.

Buying a home is a very important part of our lives.

Protecting that home is an even bigger responsibility in many respects; financial, health and safety wise.  Contact American Dry Basement Systems today where our skilled professionals will explain how the process can benefit your particular home. 

“Alan Nappi and American Dry Basement Systems were a blessing that came into my life and into my home at just the right time. I would recommend American Dry Basement Systems to anyone having a water problem in their basement. Their system has worked amazingly and was well worth the money I spent.”Karen Roversi in East Haven CT

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American Dry Basement Systems is here for you all the time, day or night, every day of the year. No matter how severe your basement flooding may be, we can return things to a like new condition in a fast cost effective way.