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Basement Waterproofing

Are you a White Plains, NY homeowner needing basement or crawl space waterproofing, crack repair, or a sump pump?

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Basement Waterproofing

Our waterproofing system is perpetually self-cleaning and requires no maintenance. Get ready for a healthier drier space with a transferable lifetime warranty.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces are small in nature and most commonly unused. Let us encapsulate your crawl space to eliminate invasive water, mold, mildew, and dampness.

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Sump Pump Installation

We install new sump pumps with all of our waterproofing systems. We can also replace tired old ones, add additional pumps & connect a battery backup with wifi alert.

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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation cracks must be a top priority for anyone who owns a home. We offer a permanent solution to seal and stop crack leaks caused by a settling home.

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We're Just Better.

The #1 basement waterproofing company with 50,000+ customers since 1997.

Waterproofing our basement or crawl space isn't something we think of until it is too late. It becomes unbearable when water leaks into your wet basement or crawl space after a heavy rainstorm or when the snow melts quickly during the winter. The situation gets worse when the power goes out, leaving you with no way to pump the water out.

American Dry Basement Systems has a solution for all your wet basement and crawl space problems. We can inspect, assess, and consult with you to get the right remedy to eliminate the dampness and foul moldy smell. Most jobs are complete in as little as one day, depending on the size of the basement or crawl space.

Our SuperDry basement system, crawl space encapsulation or foundation crack repair come with a transferable lifetime warranty/guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Their work was fine as per contract, the workmen were thorough, neat, courteous and cleaned up beautifully! The final price was as per the contract ( no extra added ones) I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys for a job well done!

Elizabeth D.

After meeting with 4 contractors to try to resolve our water issues we opted to go with American Dry Basement Systems. It's been a week and we are already noticing a big change in these areas - no water or dampness, 2 problems we've had for years.

Dennis M.

Experienced, courteous, extremely hard-working team (during one of the hottest weeks of the year) did an outstanding job to make our basement look brand new, with NO water problems now.

Cairy P.

We meet or exceed building code requirements.

Keep Original Floor Thickness

Compare the specifications of our basement waterproofing system to all of our local competitors and you will discover we meet or exceed all building code requirements. They do not. We maintain the structural integrity of your floor after installing our perimeter drainage system. We dig deeper to increase the pitch of our drainage pipes (drawing more water efficiently to the sump pump) and we replace the slab's original thickness usually between 4 to 6 inches as proposed by the International Code Council (ICC).

A basement waterproofing company that support customers for the long haul.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty

A capable waterproofing service can install any type of basement drainage system in your White Plains home. A "great" waterproofing company will make sure they deliver beyond your expectations. The moment you need help, give us a call, from installation to repair to replacement. We will be there. We guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty on our perimeter footer drainage, and 5-years on primary sump pumps. You are covered, no matter what. That way, you can be sure your drainage system and sump pump are ready to take on any water problems from ever occurring again.

We do three things most waterproofers, if any, don't do.

Stronger Foundation = More Value

  1. SuperCrete & SuperSlurry: Our concrete mix is no ordinary concrete mix. It is proprietary. Our SuperCrete is a foundation home-repair technology created by mixing in a variety of ingredients using Quickcrete as a base. The exclusive mixture we add grows into the pores of old cement producing a seamless, lasting weld.
  2. Engineering Tabs: We remove sections of your concrete floor around your walls and what we leave intact are engineering tabs or spacers. They maintain the structural integrity of your foundation by keeping the original structural support between your walls, floor, and footer.
  3. Mechanical Spacers: Sometimes, we encounter a basement waterproofing system installed by another company doing more damage than good. The installers removed the entire floor from the footing which doesn't allow us to create our engineering tabs or spacers. We came up with a solution that no other waterproofing company we are aware of is using. Our mechanical spacers are criss-cross rebar steel bars placed where we would have made an engineering tab. They are better suited for basements over 1000 square feet in size.

You can depend on us for wet crawl space waterproofing.

Crawl Space Sealing with the SuperCrete Method

The same SuperCrete we use in our basement waterproofing is the same when it comes to waterproofing your wet crawl space. American Dry Basement Systems is aware of how crucial reliable waterproofing is to the residence of White Plains. That is why we seal crawl spaces with our SuperCrete. It will not crack, will not absorb water and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. Now you will be able to use the space to store items and gain easy access to electrical wiring, TV cabling, and plumbing. We installed thousands since 1997.

Get the right sump pump set up for your waterproofing system.

Quiet Sump Pump + up to 4000 Gal/Hour

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American Dry Basement Systems' interior waterproofing system is the most robust, durable, value-packed basement waterproofing system you can buy. The system is useless if you don't have a tested, durable sump pump station to go with it. We recommend a PitBoss cast-iron primary sump pump with a 3/4 horsepower motor. They are heavy-duty workhorses that can remove up to 4000 gallons an hour. We offer a 5-year warranty to replace any PitBoss 3/4-hp sump pump that goes faulty. No questions asked.

What if the power goes out?

Reliable Battery Backup with WiFi Access

We use the PumpSpy pump & battery backup system. It powers the backup pump and the primary pump when there is a power outage. Better yet, the kit also includes a battery backup for your wifi router, so your Internet is still online. Your wifi router will continue to send and receive information from the PumpSpy on-board computer. Our pump and battery backup with wifi can last up to 6 days if the pump cycles every 5 minutes. It comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and installation.

Wall and floor cracks don't deserve a patch job.

Get a Permanent Crack Repair Solution

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You don't want a foundation crack to get too big. A tenth of an inch can wreak problems in other parts of your house. Doors will not shut all the way, windows jam, sheetrock walls crack, and the roof can shift and form gaps for insects and rodents to get inside. None of it is pretty. Some companies do a shoddy job, and others will do a cute patch job that does absolutely nothing except make things worse. American Dry Basement Systems knows that White Plains homeowners are tired of looking for a company they can trust to do a crack repair. We all want peace of mind to know that the job was done right at a fair price. We warranty our foundation crack repairs will never leak water or crack again. Nobody will offer you that because they can't make that promise except we can.

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