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ADBS was recently contracted to correct our wet basement problem. The crew that arrived, led by Paul Silva, was exemplary to say the least. Mr. Silva was very meticulous with his work, took the time to answer all my questions in an informative and courteous manner and kept his crew working till each day’s work was completed.

-Peter and Margaret NemcheckStratford, CT

Since the day of installation, we have had a few storms and there has not been a drop of water in my basement. It’s amazing since I used to get water that flooded 2-3 inches in one care. Even the musty smell was gone within a week!

-Vanessa and Freddie Velez East Haven, CT

We were very pleased with the professionalism of your staff and the efficiency of your company. When my husband had thought that perhaps the supercrete was only placed on the floors your staff returned and satisfied his mind without hesitation.

-Vince & Kathlyn L. DeRentiis Yonkers, NY

I am delighted to have my AmericanDry Basement System installed and now look forward to the next big rain storm!

-John W. Fryback CT

Crawl Space

Crawl Space

One of the most overlooked areas of a new or existing home is its crawlspace.  Small in stature and most commonly uninhabitable, a crawlspace is generally unused due to its lack of dependability.  It can be a tough decision to decide to store valuable and unused items in a crawlspace knowing that at any moment, it can flood, be infested with bugs, or even mold.  So the question is, can a crawlspace be a dry, healthy, clean and usable space in your home?

Yes, it can.  Using American Dry Basement Systems’ SuperCrete method you can create an optimal storage space in your home that you can trust and depend on.  The SuperCrete method was designed for homeowners who value every inch of their homes.  The first part of the process involves removing all undesirable contents and debris (the cleaning) in order to ensure the absolute cleanest, most effective crawlspace sealing. Once the crawlspace is clean, it is sanitized using a completely green all-natural botanical disinfectant that kills 99.99% of all mold, fungus and bacteria.

The second step in the process is the removal of any and all mold.  Dead mold spores are eradicated using another completely green non-toxic product.  This product is invisible and has been tested and proven to have zero sensitivity issues using a fog type which fills every inch of the crawlspace killing any dead mold spores.  Once the space dries, the mold spores are no longer a health threat.

In more severe cases, a third step involves sealing the very wet crawlspaces, with a 2 to 3 inch layer of three-quarter inch washed stone, which is a tremendous drainage tool.  The three-quarter inch stone is then covered with thick poly sheeting.  This sheeting covers the entire crawlspace floor, acting as a vapor barrier for additional protection.  For additional protection, the stone and polyvinyl “vapor barrier” sheeting is covered by a 3 to 4 inch layer of SuperCrete. The SuperCrete is poured wall-to-wall sealing the entire floor surface and is elevated several inches up the wall around the entire perimeter of the crawlspace.  The SuperCrete will adhere to every nook and cranny of the wall completing a perfect seal.  The strength and waterproof characteristics of SuperCrete creates a dry and structurally sound storage place for your home.
Buying a home is a very important part of our development.  Protecting that home is an even bigger responsibility in multiple respects; financial, health and safety wise.  Contact American Dry Basement Systems today where our skilled professionals will explain how the process can benefit your specific home.  Call Now!

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